Hello! My name is Eric Landro and this is my blog about the New York Rangers. This team has been my obsession since I was about five years old (ironically that was the year 1994). Being half-Canadian, I was fortunate enough to be brought up in a very passionate hockey family. My whole life, I knew I wanted to do something involving hockey for my career, so this is a stepping stone to achieve that goal.

I am currently enrolled at SUNY Old Westbury College and working on my BA in Communications and Media, with a concentration in Journalism. My ultimate goal is to gain a following through this blog, and use this to eventually become a sports writer. I love writing, and especially about something I truly love.

The New York Rangers have been such an important part of who I am (literally, they are tattooed on my calf). The passion I have runs deeply and people often can tell by listening to my hour rants and raves about this team. So, it made sense to me to find an outlet to release all this Ranger passion. Being able to write about this team has been a dream of mine all my life, and it’s exciting to be able to do so with Blogging The Blueshirts. Enjoy the site and let’s go Rangers!

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